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Tribal Enterprise Workshops

Posted on April 5th, 2018

RedWind will be offering ten three-day Tribal Enterprise Workshops in regions around the country. Tribal business leaders and business owners operating under a tribe will be invited to take the workshop at no cost.

Over the past few years, RedWind has delivered small business training to more than 100 tribal communities. We have consulted and trained leaders not only in tribal governments and enterprises, but in national industries such as semiconductor, energy, financial services, retail, and aerospace.

This new training will offer solutions to meet the needs and challenges of Native American leaders wanting to start and grow their tribal enterprises. It provides operational and leadership strategies to generate growth, build capacity, and ensure sustainability of Native American businesses. Topics include:

  • Clearly defining the interactions and decision making between tribal government and business enterprises.
  • Building awareness and understanding of the strategic advantages that stem from the uniqueness of the tribal enterprise and the native community.
  • Finding and assessing business growth opportunities.
  • Clarify the planning activities that will take your tribal enterprise to the next level of success.
  • Aligning the business organizational structure, processes, and decision-making to achieve the mission and strategy of the tribal business enterprise.
  • Innovating and developing new capabilities to stay ahead of competitors.

The Tribal Enterprise workshop takes an experiential or “hands-on” approach to anchor learning and bring abstract principles to life. Instructors lead the participants through real-life case studies and use “whole brain” teaching techniques. Each workshop will: 1) Offer comprehensive material for each module, 2) Provide a high-engagement workshop experience, and 3) Consistently use highly-rated instructors.

This training course was created with one purpose in mind – to drive real skill and behavior change in participants that translates into tangible organizational results.

To learn more about the Tribal Enterprise Workshop CLICK HERE to go to the website.



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